BCHORD is our methodology to help companies build market distinction through strong brand identity programs, branding campaigns AND WEBSITES designed for smart business.

By combining strategic thinking with fresh identity program design, relevant messaging platforms and compelling branding campaigns, we increase brand value and create positive market impressions. We offer a full range of branding services to either create, refresh, or promote a company's core value and identity while reflecting its personality and culture. The result is increased competitive advantage and a memorable brand experience.


Our Philosophy

To help you stand out in an era of information overload, your company’s brand identity must be:

BCHORD - 3-Rs: Our philosophy related to brand identity.

RELEVANT: Brand relevance relates to the functional aspects of your brand identity, or how your company is positioned differently than your competitors. Your audience must be able to quickly distinguish you from the competition, understand your value proposition, and ascertain how your offering will best meet their needs.

REFLECTIVE: The reflective aspect of your brand identity addresses the triggers that function as the emotional aspects of your brand. A well-designed identity aligns with the mindset and expectations of your audience, while the visual images and tone of your brand story provide a sense of belonging. Simply put, people do business with people that are like-minded and buy things that reflect their persona.

REAL: Credible brands cannot be manufactured. They must incorporate the fundamental characteristics and true personality of your business. In short, they must be real. Customers know when companies are trying to position themselves as something they are not.


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